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Rich Internet Applications
Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications Development: For Lively, Interactive and Connected Websites.

The Concept of Rich Internet Applications

Internet applications are changing continuously and there are a many platforms used by different people across the globe. Rich Internet Applications give engaging and innovative websites which interact with users and give them an overall quality experience. In technical terms RIA give you the same functions which a desktop application and that too with engaging features.

Utility of Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) have brought about a transformation in the usage of internet .They function as traditional desktop but with web browsers they do not require any software installation and they are a cost effective way to get modern applications. They provide a rich, interactive and engaging user experience keeping pace with the growing day to day expectations of the users. Since it is a combination of both a web browser and a desktop application, it provides combined benefits of both. It ensures quick user interactivity as you don’t have to refresh your page regularly. It is made in accordance to future needs and can adapt to changes easily and constantly upgrades its features. Rich internet applications development gives you powerful multimedia skills to make an attractive interface. These applications can also work with your existing web applications. In simple words, RIA’s provide you better, more compatible, lively, interactive and responsive applications as compared to the earlier ones.

Innovative RIA Solutions at A3logicsweb

At A3logicsweb we understand your requirements and provide you all the services in Rich internet application development to add value to your business. We have a vast expertise in developing rich and versatile applications for our clients. Fix up an appointment with our sales representative and give us a chance to serve you.

Our Services Offered as a RIA Company

  • With newer challenges emerging every day for companies, A3logicsweb assists you in meeting all your challenges by developing highly interactive Rich Internet Applications for you.
  • For your ease of accessing various web applications, we also provide you inter-browser compatibility.
  • An industry experience in different verticals.
  • Constant up gradation of features.
  • A3logicsweb uses the frameworks like Microsoft Silverlight, AJAX, Adobe Flex, Curl, GWT and Mozilla XUL for its Rich Internet Applications.
"We engaged with A3Logics Web to do an initial analysis of our School Management system, with a view to potentially taking over the support for the system. Overall they did a fantastic job in producing 3 documents - Functional Spec, Architecture Doc and Recommendation doc.

Their response was second to none, answering emails within seconds and being available for contact at almost any time of day. They delivered nearly 1000 pages of professional documentation on time and to a very high level of quality."

Noel Bradshaw