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PHP Frameworks

Discussing about the various PHP frameworks, there are numerous frameworks that available in the market. We the web development company will be able to develop applications on various major application. Mentioned below are top 3 PHP frameworks that are available in the market. These frameworks are highly user friendly and will offer extensive flexibility to the web application.

By Zend Framework

The Zend Framework is developed by Zend Technologies it is an open-source, object oriented web-application framework that implemented in PHP 5. Zend Framework is developed with the major purpose of making things easier for developers especially PHP developers and supporting with best practices at the same time.

It is a very easy methods of licensing with the new BSD license which allow to swift and well-tested code base which allow your business can rely upon. It makes use of commonly available APIs from well fanous and well known vendors like Google, API providers ,Amazon, Yahoo!, Flickr and catalogers such as StrikeIron and Programmable Web.

A3Logics have experienced team of developers who are specially working with Zend Framework development. Our Zend Framework developers are proficient in all kind of web application using Zend Framework for delivering custom development that simplifies client’s process to enhance work productivity.

It offers a very simple component library which provides 80 % of the functionality specially needed by developers. The remaining of the 20 % can allow to alter as per user requirements for their business. Though it allows a very flexible architecture and due to that there is no need for any configuration file to get started with. Due to this, training costs are reduce and the product reaches the market sooner. Moreover, Zend Framework also offers:

  • AJAX support through JSON, which offers ease-of-use of the framework
  • The PHP version of the Lucene Search engine.
  • Simple access to data formats required in Web 2.0 applications
  • Provide an ideal destination for utilizing and publishing web services.
  • Top quality, object-oriented PHP 5 class library.


By Cake PHP

CakePHP was launched in 2005 it allows a very rapid development framework for PHP and since due to this it has been applied in several successful Web Projects, that offers a very flexible architecture to develop, maintain and deployment of applications. Cake PHP uses the usual design patterns like MVC and ORM within the convention over configuration paradigm which helps for lower development expenses and helps the developers not to write a lot of code.

Just like Zend, Cake PHP does not require any configuration. It is very simple to use. Though Cake PHP distributed under MIT License which promises Best Practices like security, authentication and session handling. Cake PHP Separation allows developers to make necessary adjustment in one part of the application without affecting any other applications.

A3Logics are the team of experts who are specially working with Zend Framework development. Our Zend Framework developers are proficient in all kind of web application using Zend Framework for delivering custom development that simplifies client’s process to enhance work productivity.

Overall, Cake PHP framework are good to use as per your requirements. Cake PHP is suitable for such developers who are new to MVC. For keeping application safe & secure CakePHP comes with different variety of built-in tools for input validation, CSRF protection, Form tampering protection, SQL injection prevention, and XSS prevention.

By Smarty

It is a web template/presentation framework which is written in PHP scripts. From others template engines Smarty features are distinct due to which it became a better tool for designers and programmers. Smarty parses and creates PHP scripts from them unlike creating binaries as in the case of other general programming.

The basic and most important advantage for using Smarty is that the code is in a PHP file and due to which programmers do not have to mix instructions with HTML. Furthermore, if the designer intends to make any changes in the layout structure of a page in that case it is not necessitate to change the entire code structure to suit the new layout due to this the functionality remain the same.

The time when the web page gets viewed, Smarty starts read from these PHP scripts instead of parsing your templates again, without sacrificing in speed, security and performance. This makes Smarty very scalable, secure & easy to manage for large applications and makes it an ideal choice for programmers to choose & work it on stressful and high-traffic conditions without worrying about manual compilation of the templates.

  • It allows extremely fast customization
  • PHP code can be embedded right in your template file.
  • Reduce the overhead incurred in parsing the templates
  • Re compiles only the changed template files
  • Extremely extensible Template language

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