Robert Reich Documentary Inequality For All

Robert Reich, the American political commentator an author who specializes in economy, is one of the economist with greater influence in America. He has served for presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. He also was Secretary of Labor during Bill Clinton’s administration and has been professor at several universities including the University of California and Harvard University. He has published more than 14 books and he is a political commentator is different programs.

Despite all these achievements in his career, he is better known for being the master mind of Robert Reich documentary Inequality For All, which was released in 2013 and directed by Jacob Kornbuth. The film is based in his previous book Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future, released in 2010 and won a Special Jury Award during the Sundance Film Festival in the Documentary Category.

The film studies in a simple way how income inequality has dramatically increase in the US during the recent years examining the consequences of the increasing gap on socially and economically. The film is very interesting and educative, it is vet easy to understand as there are non-specific economic terms, the film tries to expose that idea that this gap will deteriorate economic health of the US in a near future.